• At Olive High School our mission is to produce confident and compassionate people. Through teaching excellence, supportive pastoral care and experience of our environment, we encourage individual success for community good.
  • Our vision and mission are shaped by our determination to encourage self-knowledge, articulated by our school motto: In Consectatione Excellentiae – Striving for Excellence. Today that means: overcome yourself and you will achieve, which is what Olive High School is all about – challenging people to excel.
  • In order to be of service to others, we want all our students to have sufficient self-reliance to know that, with determination, they can overcome adversity and remain true to their purpose; that they can be of value to society and help make the world a better place. We achieve this through our specific aims.
  • Inspire our students through a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges inside and outside the classroom, where they learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and are encouraged to reach beyond themselves.
  • Support our students to develop their individual academic, creative and sporting talents and skills of leadership to enable and empower them to make an active and real contribution to their world.
  • Use our unique location in the heart of our community as our greater classroom for adventure and adventurous learning, where our students will learn directly about the environment, each other and themselves.
  • Foster a democratic and accountable culture where our students contribute fully to school and community life and take increasing responsibility for their own learning and actions.
  • Encourage a global perspective by providing opportunities for all our students irrespective of gender, race and beliefs and encouraging them to value and respect differences.

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  • We want our students to have the confidence and resilience to stand up for what is right and the desire to reach out to others. This balance of confidence and compassion is not on any syllabus, yet it is central to everything we do and embedded in our aims and values.
  • Olive High believes that the safety and welfare of pupils is an integral part of the ethos of the school. In that, the school aims to create an atmosphere in which pupils feel secure, where their view points are valued and where they are encouraged to talk and are heard.

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To view our Safeguarding Policy please click here.

To view our Behaviour Policy please click here.

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