sulaiman rafiq




(Chair of governors)


“We want our students to have the confidence and resilience to stand up for what is right and the desire to reach out to others. This balance of confidence and compassion is not on any syllabus, yet it is central to everything we do and embedded in our aims and values.

We are determined to ensure all our students leave with an enduring foundation for life and their futures. We want them to have the qualifications, skills and values that they need to live safe and fulfilled lives, but also to know that they can overcome adversity, remain true to their purpose, and be of service to others.”


For any correspondence to the chair of the governers, please write to:

Olive High (FAO Chair of Governers)

63A Colne Road
BB10 1LJ

T: 07773 936976

E: admin@olivehigh.co.uk